A Complete Do’s & Don’ts Tree Removal Guide for Gold Coast Properties

Without the right help and assistance when removing a tree, a lot could go wrong in a split second. Yes, tree removal is a highly risky task best done with professional experience and skilled tree care experts. However, with the right guidance, you can remove trees around you while keeping safe avoiding accidents and injuries. Here’s a complete tree removal guide to guarantee your safety while cutting down trees.

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Important Do’s To Enhance Safety & Efficiency 

Know The Local Regulations Applicable To Tree Removal 

The local regulations applicable to tree removal vary across different states, countries, and continents. Before you decide to remove a tree, ensure you’ve carefully inquired about the laws and regulations guiding the procedure. 

Since the “Green Initiative” became paramount globally, there have been more strict laws and regulations on tree removal. It’s sometimes best to hire the services of a tree removal expert to be sure you aren’t disobeying the law.

Get the Right Tools and Equipment 

Getting the right gear needed for tree removal before commencing the process helps enhance safety and efficiency. The tree removal process is highly risky requiring uttermost cautions before, during, and after the tree cutting. Ensure you have your well-sharpened chainsaw, ladder, ax, ropes, and wedges ready to guarantee a safe job. To avoid climbing the tree multiple times and potential injuries or falls, get the necessary tools needed within arm’s length.

Use Protective Gear

Having the right tools helps you to cut down or remove the tree easily and fast. But what determines your safety during and after the tree removal process is your protective gear. 

First, get comfortable thick hand gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes from potential danger. Protecting your eyes in particular from the debris and chips off the tree while you cut should be your priority. Put on safety boots and knee guards for extra safety and comfort.

Watch out For the Tree As It Falls 

Be extra cautious especially if the tree is closer to your driveway to avoid damage to your car’s windscreen. Cut the tree with care having support from below when you have windows close to the treatment area. Watch out for tiles or glass materials surrounding the tree to avoid damage or breaks. Fragile materials of all kinds should be cleared off the property to avoid spending extra to fix the damage. Most importantly, ensure the person assisting has their protective gear on always.

Important Don’ts To Prevent Accidents & Injuries

While tree removal is considered an extremely risky task, these prevention measures would help keep you from injuries and accidents;

Never Cut Down Large Trees Without Professional Help

Sadly DIY procedures do not extend to cutting down large trees. Bringing down a huge tree requires a professional with experience, expertise, and skills in tree removal. Inquire and employ the services of a tree care expert to eliminate the risks of cutting huge trees yourself. 

For one in the Gold Coast & Tweed Heads region, you can trust a team like All Tree and Stump Works for effective and professional services.  A professional is skilled at carrying out tree inspections to determine the perfect area for cutting. Without inspecting the tree beforehand, you could place the chainsaw at the wrong spot which could result in an accident. 

If you’re local to the Gold Coast region, give All Tree And Stump Works a call, but if not, it’s best to research for another trusted arborist that is local to your area instead.

Never Cut Trees From A Ladder

While it might seem reasonable to use a ladder to get to your desired height before cutting, it’s a wrong move. Making use of a ladder when removing a tree increases the risk and chances of getting involved in an accident. 

At first, the ladder might shift from the initial position as a result of the vibration from the chainsaw. Secondly, in the process of cutting, the ladder could lose support as you cut the tree off its roots. Get a professional to take out the branches and never use a ladder.

Never Remove Trees Close To Utility Lines Without Caution

In the safety regulations by your local area, there should be a clause that gives detailed instructions on cutting trees close to utility lines. Getting a professional is still your chance of having a safe tree removal without causing damage to the utility lines. 

If you have to do it yourself, disconnect the line from the source to avoid electrical surge should the tree fall on it? Your gloves and safety glasses should be on at all times when cutting next to the utility line to prevent shock.

Hire A Tree Care Professional Today!

To get the best tree removal services to ensure safety from hazardous accidents, it’s important to reach out to a team like All Tree And Stump Works. They can provide tree care that’s skilled and experienced in cutting down trees and if you’ve decided it’s best to get professional help, give an arborist like them a call!