Growing a Bonsai Tree From a Cutting

Growing a Bonsai Tree

Are you curious about how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting? We will be explaining the process of how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting using basic understanding and with the use of some practical ideas.

Before we start

Before we start the process of how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting, we should understand what Bonsai is. This is a type of miniature garden made from plants, rocks, or artificial environments which are usually water-borne. The name “Bonsai” was given to the miniature garden in Japan because they usually refer to the shrub that is placed on top of the miniature landscape.


Now let us move on to the actual process of how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting. You must first know that before you can actually use cutting for growing a Bonsai tree, it must be cleaned. A clean cutting can help you achieve a better growth rate. So do not take any chance and ensure that you clean it properly before you use it.

Soil and hydration

Once the cutting is clean, you must place it in a container with plenty of water so that it can stay hydrated. When it’s placed in the water, water will not run out as easily. You must make sure that the water is not sitting on the surface.

Once the container is saturated, you can then proceed with the process of how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting. You can allow the soil to soak for several hours and once it reaches a deep shade of green, apply the soil with soil spreader. Just take note that the more you have applied, the better.

Growing a Bonsai Tree From a Cutting


After the soil is spread, you must then add some fertilizer to it. Fertilizer that is based on fish emulsion can be used. It will provide your Bonsai tree with the nutrients that it needs to grow.

Once you have added the fertilizer, you must place the fertilizer container in the sun and leave it there for the entire day. This will help the fertilizer absorb the excess water that is absorbed into the container. You will find that this part of the process will take the longest as water will still drip from the fertilizer.

Now that the fertilizer is absorbed by the soil, you can then remove the fertilizer container and place it under some heavy potting soil. As soon as the potting soil is wet, spread it on the trunk of the tree and plant it firmly.

Potting soil

After the trunk is firmly planted, you can then take the Bonsai tree to potting soil. You must allow the potting soil to cover the tree evenly so that there are no chances of splitting. Once this process is completed, you can put the potting soil in a sunny location and let it sit for one or two weeks before you move it to a new location.

We now come to the part of how to grow a Bonsai tree from a cutting. You can either purchase it already set up or you can start from scratch if you have some materials available. Both methods will yield good results, but if you want to save a lot of money, then you can start from scratch.

Just place the small pot containing the roots on the potting soil, and leave it there for a couple of days. After it has developed a root system, you can remove the small pot. After it has grown to a few inches in size, you can place it in a pot that has been prepared with potting soil and cover it with the good quality potting soil that you have purchased.

Before you fill the pot with your Bonsai tree, you need to make sure that the roots are spread out on the potting soil. and place the good quality soil on the pot. so that the roots will have a good opportunity to develop.