The Difference Between Arborists and Foresters

In the world of tree care services, it can be difficult for people to differentiate their different roles. There are a few fundamental differences between the types of tree care people are employed to do. Because there are a wide range of situations that require different kinds of tree services, there are fundamental differences between arborists and foresters that we will outline in this article. 

Arborists vs Foresters

In a nutshell, arborists are responsible for preserving or removing singular trees while foresters are employed to handle multiple trees. The responsibilities of a forester are generally to cut down forests to harvest different timbers that are sent to manufacturers for wood production. On the contrary, arborists are often employed to preserve or remove a singular tree that is posing a threat to residential or public property. 

How Much Do Arborists Charge? 

It depends largely upon the size of the tree you wish to be removed. Although it isn’t the only classification for the cost of hiring an arborist, you can expect to pay:

  • $500 + for a smaller tree (as high as single storey building)
  • $1000+ for medium trees (as high as a 2nd storey building)
  • $2000+ for a large tree (as high as a 3rd storey building or larger) 
  • Anywhere up to $7,500 for very large trees (up to 50 metres tall)

How Dangerous are Tree Services?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that tree services are dangerous business. Tree removal services are among the most dangerous trades in Australia. It takes an extensive amount of training for an arborist to be licensed to carry out a professional tree removal. Arborists need to be trained thoroughly on the safest approach to climbing a tree, how to remove branches safely and how to influence the direction the tree will fall. All of these measures are to ensure that their hired tree removal services don’t cause harm to residential properties. If you were thinking of carrying out a tree removal on your own accord, we would highly recommend that you pay a professional to do it instead. 

How to Ensure You Get a Qualified Arborist

To ensure that you hire legal and qualified arborist services, here’s 3 steps you can take to ensure they aren’t fraudulent.

  1. Search for companies that are insured and have a good reputation – sometimes if you turn to the first ad you see on google, a fancy website can make it appear that the services that company are offering are legitimate. Far too often, arborists are unqualified and untrained to carry out the task at hand. 
  2. Ask for their credentials when they arrive at your property – if they don’t already show you, don’t hesitate to ask for the licenses of the arborist you’ve hired, they’d be more than happy to show you.
  3. Avoid being roped into discounts and ‘tree topping packages’ – steer clear of companies that advertise tree topping services on their websites. Tree topping can be hazardous to your property. 

Where Do I Go From Here? 

If you’re on the East Coast, there are a variety of arborist services available. Currently, Urban Arb is developing a strong name for outstanding Gold Coast arborist services and surrounding areas. If the arborist services you require are for larger trees, search around and compare quotes from different tree removal specialists. Keep the cost guide above in mind when discussing your available options with your local arborist services.